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Your involvement, your investment in the Women of Exchange Empowerment  services will impact and change the life of a youn g girl, a young woman, a family, and even a community.  Our services, this movement depends on us All… Will You Help Rebuild A Life?

Read What Participants Are Saying:

“This group is amazing, the lesson on Control really helped me understand why I did some of the things I did and really why I act the way I act today.  Thank you all for helping me to see me”.
Rita J.

“I’m grateful for all the facilitators and the leader of this group. AA/NA helps a lot but the 13 C’s help me with bettering my character”.

Jacquline H.

“The groups are challenging and I was really challenged with the Change session.  I do know I do not want to go back out using.   Thank you all”.
Diane B.

“The drugs messed me up, but now I’m learning to better myself.  Thank all the facilitators”.
Donna K.

“I believe in God, but I’m learning that I really didn’t know God.  I’m learning about my Creator and why I did some of the things I did to myself”.
Barbara A.

“I did not like the facilitator and I did not want to be in this spiritual group, but after coming three times and talking with the founder I realized that I needed these group sessions and all that they offered.  These groups changed my mind and my heart.  I’m drug free and happy”!
Patricia B.

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Your donation is an investment in the Rebuilding, Restoring, and Reconciling the lives of youth, young adults, adults, and families in the District of Columbia and the Atlanta, Georgia disadvantaged and underserved communities.

Your donation will help strengthen the social economic development and responsibilities of families and communities uniting together to secure the safety and stability for youth, young adults, adults, and families.

Will you join us in our endeavors to Rebuild, Restore, and Reconcile the less of these?

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There are many ways to partner and get involved.  We welcome individual, group, and corporate partnerships.  In-kind donations, monetary donations, annual volunteers, and monthly service volunteers.  Assist us in expanding our community services and help support the abused, disadvantaged, underserved youth, young adults, adults, and families in the District of Columbia and the Atlanta, Georgia area.                                

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