Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'SYMPHONY OF PRAYER! CONNECT WITH US 8 COMMAND YOUR DAY!! 1ST AND 3RD SATURDAY FIRE POWER DAILIN# (515) 604-9000 ACCESS CODE# 768-829 TIME 7:30am -8:00am BREATH OF FIRE POWER... MORNING ΜΑΝΝΑ.... MOTIVATION MOMENTS..... MOMENTS OF PROPHECTIC DECLARATION.... INTERCESSORY PRAYER AND PRAISE.... DR. CEA APLATFORM Το ESTABLISH AUTHENTIC SISTERHOOD!!! Saved, Sensitive, & Strong Sistah' willing to beCompassionate, Committed, Concern, Caring & Consistent'





The Women of Exchange will be igniting their 10th Annual ‘2021’ B.A.D. Girls Expo! It’s a Recovery time experience for Women, by Women to Build Bonds, Uplift, Encourage, Empower + Edify Authentic Sisterhood. The B.A.D. Girls Expo will be an experience you’ll won’t want to miss! A touch of the Spoken Word for the SOUL, Good Eats, Live Entertainment + and a refreshing soulful experience!The B.A.D. Girls Expo! Tickets: TBDAn EXPERIENCE of HOPE & HAPPINESS!